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Hello, I'm Arravind, a UX/ UI Designer based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. My journey in the world of design and development began in late 2013 right at the beginning of my undergrad, and since then, I have been passionately involved in creating websites and user interfaces for a wide range of industries.

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Throughout my career, I have worked with many brands across various niches, allowing me to gain valuable insights and experiences in delivering solutions that resonate with their target audiences. I try to keep myself updated with the latest design trends and best practices which help me to deliver meaningful yet attractive experiences.

I have good experience in designing and developing websites using popular content management systems like WordPress, Magento and Shopify. I worked on so many WordPress projects right from designing using Elementor and Visual Composer (I’m aware they changed their name to WPBakery but I stopped using it before they changed so it stuck with me) to writing custom functions to implement designs that are not usually possible with WordPress features.

As I continue on this exciting journey, I am eager to explore the realm of user experience (UX), leveraging my skills, creativity, and expertise to craft meaningful and user-centric digital experiences that hopefully delight target users.



figma xd illustrator photoshop

CMS & Builders

wordpress magento shopify woo commerce elementor wp bakery


html5 css scss javascript php
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